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Energy Monitoring
At a glance
Energy Monitoring
Get the full picture on your energy use
EnergysMeter is a real-time monitoring tool for measuring and verifying energy consumption. This powerful, user-friendly toll gives you a fully itemized overview of your electricity bills - and helps you take control of energy costs.
If you can measure it, you can manage it
When it comes to effective energy management, you need realiable measurement. EnergysMeter offers the ultimate starting point. It provides a detailed overview of exactly how - and where - you use energy by area, by building and by type of equipment.
Energy Monitoring
cross device-tool
Getting to grips with user behaviours
To understand true patterns of energy use, you need real-time data on user behaviour. With EnergysMeter you can interrogate electricity consumption by a whole host of variables - from headcount, to area and by time of day.
Verification of the actions you take
Are the energy saving measure you’ve implemented have a positive impact?
With EnergysMeter you can get to the truth. By analysing powerful ‘before and after’ comparisons, you’re able to make data-led decision on systems adjustments.
Key Features
Real-time energy cost consumption at a glance.
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